Faial is the stop for transatlantic yacht crossings, giving the small town of Horta a lively and international ambiance. Peter's Sport Cafe and scrimshaw museum offers night life, while the paintings left by yachtsmen along the harbour walls offer entertaining viewing. The must-see on Faial is the site of the volcanic erruption in 1957 in Capelinhos. The roofs of buried houses are still visible in the eerie lunar landscape where the volcano put down ash and lava, adding land to the island. Vegetation is slowly starting to grow; mostly succulents such as ice flowers. Whale watching is another tourist attraction.

Horta possesses a bit of a cosmopolitan air, in spite of its small size

The countryside, the giant, mist-covered caldeira in the centre of the island, the windmills and a natural "swimming pool"

Capelinhos, the site of a volcano that rose from the sea, to sink again after it had finished its work

Pico lies just a short
ferry ride away

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