São Jorge


This long, narrow island offers many pleasant vistas for the tourist; with houses appearing to cling to the sides of green cliffs. Even the fajas, seemingly flat seaside lands formed by lava flows, do not appear quite so flat once you've made your way down. Farming can often be vertical here and farmers can be spotted ploughing their fields with oxen. There are many pleasant parks here, my favourite being Sete Fontes (Seven Spr ings). There wasn't another soul there when we visited, as was the case in practically every park and picnic area we stopped at in the Azores. This was probably due to the time of year and the day of the week, but the amazing thing about these islands is how well-kept everything is, including the sanitary facilities in public areas. Even the roadside shrubbery is neatly trimmed, making these islands the most aesthetically appealing place I have ever visited.

General views of São Jorge

Churches and shrines


A walk in the country

Fajas and lava flows

Sete Fontes and the park

Velas and the port

Rural life


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